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Adam Drake
4 min readJul 23, 2018

Joe Dispenza is a chiropractor, researcher, author, educator, lecturer, maybe even a mystic. He recently released a book called — Becoming Supernatural. It outlines different practices and methodologies that common people can adopt to achieve supernatural transformations and experiences.

Cover for Joe Dispenza’s most recent book — Becoming Supernatural

Joe has released other popular books in the self-help field including ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself’ and ‘You are the Placebo’. Becoming Supernatural carries on these themes and draws on research conducted at what he refers to as ‘Advanced Workshops’. Joe talks about normal everyday people beginning to use the methodologies and practices he has come up with to transform themselves and their lives.

I first heard of Joe Dispenza through the wonderful London Real. He was doing an interview to promote his new book and there was just something about him that captivated my attention. I then listened to him tell his story and how he had a horrendous crash on his bike and broke his back and neck. He was taken to hospital and the diagnosis did not look good. However, he overcame his doubts and fears and approached his dire situation with a systematic and positive approach and through this seemingly made a miraculous recovery.

I am somewhat of a sceptic but there is also a part of me that wants to believe these type of things... hence why I bought the book!

Thoughts on the book

Overall I really liked the book. It had quite a few practical examples in it and also explained the more science aspects in pretty simple language. There were elements or ideas that Joe repeated throughout the book which towards the end became a little tedious but I genuinely think he was just trying to really impress his core ideas.

The main concept that I took away from reading this book was that through certain practises and adopting certain ways of thinking we can, over some time, create a future self of us that is beyond all current expectations. As humans, due to the way we are wired we very easily fall into certain habits. These habits can be quite detrimental to our health and overall well-being. Couple that with everyday stresses and trials and tribulations that life throws at you, you can quite easily become ill or defeated or just stuck in a rut.

He also explained about becoming more wave and less particle. He incorporated explanations from Quantum physics and talked about the unified field of everything

However by adopting certain meditation techniques, concentrating on energy centres within the body, feeling the emotion of your future self and doing all these things repetitively and consistently can lead to amazing ‘supernatural’ results. I particularly liked his in-depth explanation about the pineal gland and how you can do certain exercises and meditations to stimulate it into action. The apparent result can range from anything from visions to out of body experiences to fractal patterns to some kind of life-changing mystical experience. He also explained about becoming more wave and less particle. He incorporated explanations from Quantum physics and talked about the unified field of everything. The explanations about the earth’s magnetic field and how it affects us and other phenomenon such as solar flares was also super interesting.

I have to say the main reason for my reading this book was when watching his interview his enthusiasm for what he was explaining really shined through. For someone to become that excited about what he was doing I thought there had to be something in it. I admit I got a little lost when he was talking about the quantum unified field and how we use that to create our future selves and feeling that emotion can have some effect on our genes switching certain ones on and others off. The theory made sense but it can be a little tricky to follow.

The measurement of the energy centers (chakras) from an Advanced Workshop

Like many of these things it seems the best results are achieved when attending an ‘Advanced Workshop’ or some kind of group event. Best results are achieved in numbers! I checked his website but didn’t see any Workshops in the central European region anytime soon. I would love to attend one though as the results he has stated from attending these seminars seem pretty incredible. I would recommend this book as I think the ideas presented in it are definitely worth exploring. Even if you don’t achieve instant results I am pretty sure a few seeds will be planted for future growth.

For more information about his new book, check out his website dedicated to the release.

As always, peace and love to all.




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